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MSN for Windows 8 goes live ahead of OS launch

Microsoft’s redesigned MSN page, which was first teased earlier this month (opens in new tab), has gone live ahead of this week's launch of the operating system, according to tech site (opens in new tab).

The revamped Internet portal is designed to be more user-friendly for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 users and, accordingly, sports a motif consistent with the 'Modern-style' UI seen on Windows 8 devices.

The refurbished MSN homepage is purported to offer a more “app-like” experience that allows for faster navigation via the implementation of a Flip Ahead feature that allows for swift navigation between articles with a gesture. Moreover, since the site has been made in accordance with Windows 8 specs, it incorporates the full array of the new operating systems features.

“When we saw what Windows 8 and IE 10 could make possible, we saw possibilities we had never before imagined. We thought deeply about how you could interact with MSN in an increasingly touch and tablet-friendly world,” said Microsoft in a statement describing the redesign.

(opens in new tab)“We envisioned something completely new and refreshing that would surprise and delight. Something built from the ground up that harnesses the new technical capabilities in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.”

The new version of the website can now be accessed (opens in new tab) but only with the IE10 browser on Windows 8.