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Spotify app Soundrop relaunches as social music player

Spotify's turntable Soundrop (opens in new tab) app, which creates listening rooms on the music steaming service has launched a revamped version that makes it more like a social network.

Spotify (opens in new tab) launched the app a year ago and it has racked up 340 million plays since then, proving to be one of the most popular apps on the music streaming service. Its core idea is users can enter listening rooms based on genres, record labels or even artists, and then influence the music programming of a room by voting for tracks, making it a sort of cross between (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab).

According to Gigaom (opens in new tab), Soundrop's CEO Inge Andre Sandvik has confirmed that the app has been rebuilt to allow users to interact more easily by listing which rooms their friends are in at any given time, and introducing a slide-out sidebar that offers quick access to room-specific chats and activity feeds.

(opens in new tab)Additionally, upcoming songs can now be previewed, giving users an option to more carefully select the songs they're voting on.

Although Oslo-based Soundrop enjoys most of its success on its mobile apps, Sandvik said that he wants to launch a web-based platform as well as focusing on group music listening through video.

"It's a conceptual change of what Soundrop is. Suddenly, we are a music player," he said.