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Wikipedia mobile site undergoes revamp

The next time you load up Wikipedia on your mobile device it will be easier to read.

Wikipedia on Wednesday announced that it is rolling out some new and improved features on its mobile site this week following testing on an experimental beta site. The updated mobile site will sport a new navigation system aimed at making it easier to explore and discover content as well as visual improvements to make reading articles a more pleasurable experience.

The new navigation system is all about helping users to discover all the settings and features the mobile version of Wikipedia has to offer, Maryana Pinchuk, associate product manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, wrote in a blog post. Plus, it "paves the way for the addition of new features" in the pipeline, she said.

"Whether it's uploading a photo ..., watching changes to articles, or even editing, we want anyone to be able to pitch in and help make Wikipedia even better," Pinchuk wrote.

Those who visit the mobile site will notice changes to the layout and typography. Wikipedia chose new fonts for the mobile site that are more compatible with the bevy of mobile devices out there, and make it easier to scan and read articles.

"Our designers will continue to focus on typography going forward, since text is the primary way readers and editors interact with the site," she added.

The updates will be available for users of the English Wikipedia mobile site. Users can provide feedback on the new look, or sign up to become a Wikipedia beta tester and receive updates and text new experimental features before they're available to the masses.

Mobile users can also download the Wikipedia app for iOS and Android devices.