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HTC launches Best Deals service on mobile platform

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC (opens in new tab) has announced the launch of a new mobile service called Best Deals, set to feature on its new line of handsets and its upcoming software update.

Best Deals is pretty self-explanatory and capitalises on the popularity of money-saving sites like LivingSocial (opens in new tab), iVoucher, TripAdvisor and Daily Deal. These brands are among the selection of deal providers that will have their offers used on the new HTC feature.

The service uses your interests and location to categorise the most suitable discounts in your area which you can browse straight from your HTC mobile. Deals can be reviewed, bookmarked and shared and the company touts a range of sorting and customising functions to enhance the user experience as you search for the killer offer.

“HTC strives to deliver the best web content and services to its customers,” says Cédric Mangaud, Vice President of Value-Added Services for HTC. “We’re excited to be launching a service that gives you the very best deals, in line with your own personal interests, wherever you are.”

The Best Deals app will be available on the new HTC One X+ as well as the Windows Phone 8X and 8S (opens in new tab) which are set to launch in November. Those who own an HTC One X or One S will able to get the app on the upcoming software update. A total of 1,700 deals and offers will be available at launch.

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