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LG and HP's Gram partner to bring webOS to smart TVs

WebOS is reportedly coming to a smart TV near you. According to webOS Nation, TV manufacturer LG and Gram, the company HP built to lead webOS, have partnered to create a television that will run on the open source operating system.

WebOS Nation said the porting project is a long time in the making. It will bring the webOS user interface to a large-screen platform and essentially replace LG's NetCast smart TV platform, which was introduced in 2009. But to be taken seriously, webOS will need the apps people want, like Netflix, which will be built using the Enyo HTML5-based webOS framework that was acquired by Google in May.

NetCast currently offers Yahoo widgets, CinemaNow, Pandora, and YouTube, webOS Nation said.

WebOS Nation pointed to one thing Gram will need to overcome - boot speed. "If you've you've used webOS, you know it can take a long while to book, even with a beefy processor behind it," the site said.

Earlier this year, LG said that "some great technologies, such as our Cinema 3D Magic Remote and dual-core L9 chipset ... would make an LG Google TV a popular choice for many customers," but webOS Nation said LG bristled at the Google TV terms of service and opted for webOS instead.

Stay tuned for a possible LG/Gram product at CES 2013, which ITProPortal will be attending and reporting from.

After much discussion, HP announced in December that it would make webOS go open source, allowing developers, partners, HP engineers, and other hardware manufacturers to add their own spin to the platform. Less than a year later, HP welcomed webOS to the world through its beta release - shortly after webOS Nation discovered that the webOS Global Business Unit (GBU) would be reborn as a new company known as Gram.