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Tech giants combine forces to form Cyber Security Research Alliance

Tech firms including Intel, RSA and AMD have entered a partnership to form the Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA) as they aim to develop long term solutions to cybercrime.

The new organisation is a private, non-profit research consortium that will initially be focused on establishing strong lines of communications and operation protocols between its extensive list of partners. Through this strategy of collaboration between its stakeholders the CSRA hope to set “new challenges” in cyber security.

Priority areas for research include threat mitigation, information sharing and threat control system security. Projects will be executed by focused working groups which are headed by a CSRA board member.

Participation in these work groups is open to individuals within academia, professionals and government, pending approval from the organisation’s board.

A statement on the CSRA site said,“The intent is to involve the most capable people, the ones who are the most knowledgeable about the particular topic being addressed.”

The five founding companies which also include Honeywell and Lockheed Martin have reportedly paid $60,000 (£37,232) membership fee, with a possible twenty other companies interested in becoming affiliated members at an annual charge of $15,000 (£9,306).

Image Credit: o5com (opens in new tab)