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Windows Store to sell PEGI 16 rated games

Microsoft is set to revise its policy on games submissions for the Windows Store, which banned the sale of apps and games with a rating of Adult Only (AO) in the US and PEGI 18 in Europe.

The software giant had previously miscalculated that the sanction it placed on ESRB rated games - the rating system used in the US - could also be applied to PEGI. The AO ESRB rating usually relates to games with pornographic content in the US, but this is not true in Europe as PEGI 18 covers a vast array of titles that include popular gaming franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Modern Warfare and Skyrim.

All of these titles are ranked as Mature(M) in the States and are thus available for retail on Windows Store.

Though Microsoft has officially repealed its censure, the change will take some time to come into effect - according to a report from Gizmondo (opens in new tab) the policy will be implemented in Europe by December.