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Amazon mocks iPad mini on its website

Amazon has launched an attack on Apple's iPad mini by comparing it to its own Kindle Fire HD on its US retail website, highlighting the advantages of its tablet over the alleged shortcomings of Apple's tablet.

In the comparison, the retailer points out that even though its screen is 0.9in smaller than the iPad mini's 7.9in screen, the Kindle Fire HD has a "stunning HD display with 30 per cent more pixels than iPad mini." It insists that the Kindle Fire HD can handle HD movies and TV whereas its rival cannot.

Amazon also lists the Kindle Fire HD as having 216ppi compared with the iPad mini's 163ppi, as well as having dual stereo speakers whereas the iPad mini has a mono speaker.

Amazon even uses a quote from Gizmodo to hammer home its point.

"...your [Apple's] 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in there, charging more, and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy," the quote reads.

Lastly, the retailer highlights the price of the Kindle Fire HD, which, at $199 (£159), costs nearly 40 per cent less than the iPad mini's starting price of $329 (£269).

The blatant marketing attack may be in response to what Phil Schiller, Apple marketing chief, said at the iPad mini launch last week. In a keynote for the worldwide unveiling of Apple's latest range, Schiller slammed competitors to the iPad mini.

"Others have tried to make tablets smaller than the iPad and they've failed miserably. These are not great experiences," he said.

This bold display of confidence by Amazon comes after it announced last week that following Apple's iPad mini release, the Kindle Fire HD had "its biggest day of sales since its launch," according to AllThingD.

Amazon is not the only one with big sales, however - the iPad mini sold out only hours after it became available for pre-order on 26 October.