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Barnes & Noble launches Nook eBook reader in the UK today

American bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched its first eBook readers in the UK today. The Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch Glowlight (opens in new tab) are now on sale for £79 and £109 respectively.

The company has partnered with retailers John Lewis, Argos, and Dixons as well as supermarkets Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury's to sell its new range.

Alongside these basic models, Barnes & Noble has also launched the 7in Nook HD and the 9in Nook HD+ which are currently only available in the UK on pre-order with shipping set for 22 November. The prices will be between £159 and £229.

The US retailer has also opened up its Nook store to UK users, providing access to more than 2.5 million titles including eBooks, newspapers, magazines comics and also Nook apps.

Today's launch sees the American book giant's first foray into the UK eBook market currently dominated by Amazon. Analysts estimate that Amazon currently controls (opens in new tab) around 90 per cent of eBook sales in the UK.

Just last week the US online retailer released its Kindle Paperwhite (opens in new tab) for £109 and Kindle Fire (opens in new tab) range starting at £129.

Additionally, Apple has now joined the race to capture the eBook industry with the release of a much niftier iPad device- the 7.9in iPad mini. (opens in new tab)