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Hurricane Sandy blows away Google's Nexus launch event

An eagerly anticipated Google Android launch event – thought to feature the new LG Nexus 4 smartphone, an incremental Jelly Bean update, a Nexus 7 refresh, and possibly even a Samsung Nexus 10 tablet – has been put on hold due to a potentially devastating storm.

Hurricane Sandy, which the Weather Channel describes as "dangerous" and "life-threatening," is currently battering the East Coast of the United States, with New York – where the Google event was scheduled to take place today – predicted to be one of the worst affected areas.

Sandy is classed as a Category 1 hurricane and, in terms of size, is the largest Atlantic storm system of the last 25 years. At 10:00 GMT this morning (06:00 US EST), winds of at least 85mph were being reported, with flooding and snow thought to be among the cyclone's other impacts.

In addition to putting Google's autumn product unveiling on hold, Hurricane Sandy has also closed New York's NASDAQ stock exchange, and grounded nearly 7,500 flights. The search giant has not ventured when its event is likely to be rescheduled, but reports indicate that Hurricane Sandy will continue to close markets and playgrounds well into Tuesday.

The inclement weather represents a massive blow for Google, who was looking to re-affirm its stranglehold on the 7in tablet category after Apple launched the iPad mini last week.

Across the pond, London is overcast and chilly but safe, so readers hungry for breaking news are encouraged to make for ITProPortal's Windows Phone 8 live blog. Microsoft is holding an exclusive unveiling for its latest mobile operating system starting at 17:00 GMT today, and we'll be bringing you all the talking points as they occur.

Image credit: the Weather Channel