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Kim Dotcom’s new online service may be ‘bail breach’

The besieged Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been warned not to launch new file sharing service Mega (opens in new tab) as it may breach his New Zealand bail conditions. The US Department of Justice filed a motion last week which argued that Dotcom had purposely misled the foreign court.

The contention surrounds a January bail application affidavit in which Dotcom states that he had no plans of restarting Megaupload or “some new iteration of the site”. But prosecutor Neil MacBride has asserted that Mega is a complete violation of this claim.

"Defence counsel's claim that the corporate defendant can and should be allowed to operate undermines the sworn statements of Dotcom that he has no plans or ability to continue to operate or fund the businesses in the indictment during pendency of the extradition process," states MacBride.

Dotcom’s legal representation Ira Rothken has in turn refuted the suggestions as being baseless.

"It's a serious allegation, but we believe it is an ignorant allegation and they're basing it upon absolute speculation,” said Rothken.

Dotcom was originally charged (opens in new tab) with copyright infringements against various US companies as well as other charges of racketeering and money laundering.

He has recently tweeted plans (opens in new tab) to launch Mega on the one year anniversary of his mansion raid (opens in new tab) (20 January), though whether the legal implications will derail the proposed launch has yet to be determined.