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Google confirms pricing for 32GB and 3G versions of Nexus 7

After announcing yesterday that it is launching 32GB and 3G versions of its Nexus 7 tablet, Google has officially confirmed UK pricing for the Asus-produced 7in device (opens in new tab).

The tablet, which was released to much fanfare this summer, will now come in three editions: a 16GB Wi-Fi-only model costing £159, a 32GB Wi-Fi-only version priced at £199, and a 32GB 3G model that will sell for £239. The original entry-level 8GB Nexus 7 has been scrapped, likely leaving some early adopters to question their purchases.

Google also unleashed two brand-new Nexus devices yesterday - an LG-produced Nexus 4 smartphone and a Samsung-branded Nexus 10 tablet (opens in new tab). Ostensibly, the company is now better prepared take on Apple’s similarly three-pronged smartphone and tablet family and is more firmly positioning itself as a direct hardware competitor to the Cupertino, California-based giant. After all, the battle between the two companies and their mobile operating systems was recently described by Google chairman Eric Schmidt as the defining fight of the industry (opens in new tab).

Though Nexus 10 bests the iPad's Retina display with its 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution, 300ppi screen, Google will likely wrest away Apple through the competitive pricing, not necessarily the superiority, of its products.

While the search giant charges a £40 premium for the addition of a cellular radio (from £199 for a 32GB Wi-Fi-only Nexus 7 to £239 for one with 3G), Apple’s pricing introduces a £100 charge for 3G versions of its 7.9in iPad mini (opens in new tab) (from £269, £349, and £429 for Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad mini with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB iterations of storage respectively to £369, £449, and £529 for Wi-Fi + cellular versions).

Its more budget-friendly pricing will likely prove to be an advantage in Google’s favour, as it lures prospective buyers towards the Android platform and attempts to directly tackle Apple’s dominance in the tablet sphere.