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Google matches Apple with 700,000 apps

Google has announced that its online store, Google Play, now hosts 700,000 applications available for download. This is a new record for the Internet giant and matches a level recently announced by main competitor Apple.

During Apple’s San Jose event (opens in new tab) last week, the firm said it now had over 700,000 apps including 275,000 dedicated iPad applications.

Prior to equalling the landmark, Google had long been lagging behind Apple as the App store provided a much larger installed base for developers to sell its wares.

However Google has been gradually gaining market share, thanks to the success of the Nexus series and the general variety of smartphones on offer compared to the singular iPhone. Google Play has become a real alternative to the App Store for developers as a consequence.

Another reason for Google’s boom in app development is that it provides much less stringent submission guidelines in comparison to Apple, making Play open to submissions from virtually all sources.

This has not always been a positive policy as Play has had to deal with an influx of malicious content and copycat apps. Google has taken steps to amend this issue in the past (opens in new tab), though much like the dichotomy between Windows PCs and Macs, this may prove to be an enduring difference.