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UK Kindle Fire owners get Android Netflix app

Content streaming service Netflix has released its Kindle Fire app to the UK market. The app allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows on their Amazon tablets.

Netflix has offered a dedicated app for Android devices for close to a year. That also includes the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets, however Amazon has only recently launched its tablets in Europe with units beginning to ship last week. But fellow Amazon device, the Kindle Paperwhite is enduring heavy shipping delays.

The Netflix app can be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore.

The Kindle Fire also comes pre-installed with Netflix euro-rival and Amazon subsidiary LoveFilm. Both applications have comparable features but Amazon has enabled a syncing feature between LoveFilm and Amazon accounts.

This allows users to access Amazon Wallet and address book as a payment method for LoveFilm content. It also works if accessed through the Internet, a home console (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) or a Sony/Samsung connected TV.