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4 million Windows 8 upgrades sold in 3 days

Windows 8, Microsoft’s recently launched (opens in new tab)operating system, is finding early success in the market, with the company announcing that it has sold four million upgrades of the new OS in the first three days of its release.

The firm revealed its OS sales figures during its Build 2012 conference (opens in new tab) yesterday, adding that Windows 8 is so far moving at a faster rate than Windows 7. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer welcomed attendees to the developer event by saying that the operating system is generating a groundswell of support.

"The level of enthusiasm and desire to learn about the new Windows 8 computers has really been remarkable," said Ballmer.

The impressive volume of sales was likely spurred by the operating system's attractive pricing - £14.99 for customers who bought a Windows 7 PC on or after 2 June 2012 (opens in new tab) and £24.99 for an upgrade from any version of Windows since XP.

Ballmer also addressed sales to business customers, via Software Assurance subscriptions and volume licensing sales. “We have sold tens of millions of units to our corporate customers, who can upgrade when they want to, but have no time pressure to do that any time soon," he said.

In more good news for Microsoft, the company's corporate vice president Steve Guggenheimer revealed in a blog post that the Windows Store will be receiving an influx of apps (opens in new tab) from the likes of Twitter, LEGO, Skype and Disney. Facebook, Netflix and Angry Birds developer Rovio have all indicated that they are developing applications for Microsoft’s online marketplace as well.