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Amazon pulls iPad Mini spec comparison due to false claims

Amazon has already made it abundantly clear how it feels about Apple's new iPad mini, but was the retail giant too quick to judge?

Apple Insider has reported that Amazon has pulled a homepage advertisement that slammed the iPad mini, after discovering that its jibe was factually incorrect.

Earlier this week, Amazon posted a spec comparison between the iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD on its homepage. It touted the Kindle Fire HD's "stunning display," and said the Kindle Fire HD had a higher pixel density (216 PPI) than the iPad mini s (163 PPI), the ability to watch HD films, and dual stereo speakers instead of the mono ones on the iPad mini.

Not so fast, Amazon. When the first iPad mini reviews began circulating, it was revealed that the new tablet actually has stereo speakers — an upgrade from former models, all of which sport a single mono speaker.

The ad hit Amazon's website Monday, 29 October, but was removed two days later. Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As TUAW noted this week, Amazon also neglected to mention some features the iPad mini has but the Fire HD does not, including a rear-facing camera, a 64GB model, a 3G/4G LTE option, and 275,000 of Apple's tablet-optimised apps.

The iPad mini starts at £269 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, while the Kindle Fire HD costs £159 for a similarly equipped device. Customers in a hurry to start browsing their tablet may have better luck with Amazon; Apple's new products now have a several-week wait time.