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Cheapest Apple iPhone 4S available for £415 with free credit

You can now get the iPhone 4S from T-Mobile’s eBay shop for a mere £415, a price that includes not only 415 Nectar points but also £5 credit and 12 months of free internet. The phone is locked to T-Mobile but should be compatible with its Everything Everywhere partner, Orange.

Alternatively you can buy the handset for £420 from T-Mobile, a price that includes £10 credit, which allows you to join its Text Plan (that gives you “unlimited free texts forever”) or Talk Plan (which provides with 100 free UK minutes) or the International Plan (that includes 70 free international minutes). On all three plans you get to hold onto your credit.

Note that this offer is also available from Orange at the same price, although you would get to choose from the company’s own “animal plans”.

As for the iPhone 4S itself, it has been replaced as Apple’s top gun by the iPhone 5, which costs a whopping £529, SIM-free.

It has a 3.5in 960 x 640 resolution, 16GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, a dual-core system-on-chip, the A5, iOS6, Bluetooth 4.0, an 8-megapixel camera with full HD capabilities and a front facing one.

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