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FreedomPop to ship case that converts iPod 4G into pseudo iPhone 4S

Shortly after we published an article extolling the benefits of an accessory called the Freedom Rocket Sleeve, that could convert an iPod Touch into an iPhone, Internet startup FreedomPop brought out an iPod Touch case that’s compatible with the iPod Touch 3G and the iPod Touch 4G and gives them wireless internet access via WiMAX. It is essentially a Mi-Fi device that you can stick on the back of an iPod Touch.

That signal is then converted to Wi-Fi for the iPod Touch. FreedomPop says that the accessory will last up to eight hours before running out which is quite decent given that the iPhone 4S has a talk time of around 10 hours.

The service is only available in the US via network operator Clearwire, with no plans to sell over here yet. You can make calls and send texts via a VoIP client like Skype or Rebtel but people won’t be able to call you back unless you subscribe to some sort of plan.

The good news though is that FreedomPop provides with 500MB data allowance every month for free and its initial outlay of $99 (around £65) appears to be very affordable. You will also be able to use it as a Mi-Fi device in which case 500MB is unlikely to last very long.

Source: Techcrunch

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