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RapidShare eliminates piracy-deterring download speed limits for free users

RapidShare users hoping to host files for free got a pleasant surprise this week when the service lifted its download restrictions.

Following the January shutdown of Megaupload, RapidShare implemented a slowdown in February to deter pirates, dropping download speeds to about 30KB/s, according to TorrentFreak. It is now returning free users to faster speeds.

"We can confirm that we have removed all download limits for free users, which is part of a new strategy," a RapidShare spokesperson said via email. "Even though the limit was initially introduced to deter piracy, we have since then come to realize that they are more efficient counter measures. Further details will be announced towards the end of 2012."

TorrentFreak reported that RapidShare has worked hard recently to ensure it cooperates with copyright infringement claims, aiming to put itself at the front of the pack in terms of responsible dealings with copyright infringers.

Namely, RapidShare's guilty-by-accusation approach, revealed in April, removes user accounts with a "substantial body of accusations" rather than proof of actual infringement. RapidShare also said it had the power to inspect the files, in certain circumstances.