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Shipments of iPad 4 held up by high demand

There will be lots of fourth-generation iPads stuffing stockings this holiday season, judging by demand for the revamped tablet.

Apple's website confirms that the Wi-Fi-only versions of the iPad will ship within one week - only several days after its expected 2 November launch. But the Wi-Fi + cellular versions of the iPad won't arrive until mid-November.

The new iPad follows its launch day partner, the iPad mini, which sold out quickly.

The release of the fourth-generation iPad prompted complaints from new iPad owners who only purchased their tablet a few months earlier. However, the updates, save for the Lightning connector, are mostly internal, like a faster processor and updated camera. At least those with the older device can sit back and happily swipe, zoom, and surf with their tablet, while everyone else waits a few more weeks to unwrap their iPad 4.

"Complaints about fast product cycles are valid if the fast product cycle makes older products obsolete," PCMag lead analyst Sascha Segan recently pointed out. "But that's just not the case with the iPad 3, which will be well-supported for at least the next two years," he said. "It is not 'obsolete, 'old' or 'out of date.'"

Apple isn't the only retailer to watch its products fly off of the shelves. Earlier this month, Microsoft sold out of its 32GB Surface with Windows RT (without touch cover) within a day, forcing shipments back a few weeks. As of press time, all three models (32GB with and without cover, and 64GB with cover) were listed with an expected shipment date of "within three weeks."