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Amazon debuts Cloud Drive photo storage app for Android devices

If you have tons of photos kicking around on your Android phone or tablet that are taking up too much space, then you're probably going to be interested in a new app from Amazon.

The web giant has announced the launch of Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, an Android app that lets you securely store photos taken with your device in the Amazon Cloud for easy access. Users get 5GB of storage for free, before having to pay for additional storage. Prices for extra storage start at $10 (£6) a year for 20GB.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos makes it simple to upload your photos to the cloud. All you have to do is press and hold on a photo album on your device, then select "Upload to Cloud Drive" to save those images directly to the Amazon Cloud.

From there, your photos will be available for access on your Kindle Fire, Android phones and tablets, or with any Web browser. Photos are displayed in a horizontal mosaic layout or vertical grid view, optimised for the screen size of your Android device. You can also select photos from your Cloud Drive and share them through Facebook, email, or other apps.

"Customers rely on their mobile devices more and more to capture the memories that matter to them," Russell Dicker, director of Cloud Drive, said in a statement. "They are taking photos at birthday parties, soccer games, and kids' recitals every day on their Android phones and tablets. The Cloud Drive Photos for Android app makes it simple to save these memories into Cloud Drive and have them automatically available on your Kindle Fire or Android Phone or Tablet."

Amazon said the app is already integrated into its new Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Cloud Drive Photos for Android is available for download now from the Amazon Appstore and Google Play.