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BT to meet fibre rollout goal by spring 2014

BT’s £2.5 billion infrastructure project that is intended to provide superfast Internet to homes and businesses across two-thirds of the UK is now set to be completed by spring 2014.

The privately funded 'Superfast Broadband' initiative was given an initial deadline for the end of 2015. BT has been periodically reducing the ETA of the broadband rollout, with a statement issued last year set another deadline for the end of 2014. This new announcement will now cut some 18 months from the original completion date.

“Fibre is at the heart of our broadband plans for both town and country. We plan to step up our efforts yet again to complete our commercial fibre roll-out early as this will allow us to focus even further on the next exciting stage of our fibre broadband strategy,” said BT CEO Ian Livingston in a statement this week.

The telecoms provider now hopes to focus on establishing partnerships within the public sector that will enable it to extend its new broadband infrastructure to encompass the remaining 33 per cent of the country.

“This will see BT working hand in hand with the public sector to extend fibre broadband to UK homes and businesses in the ‘final third’ of the country that are harder to reach,” added Livingston.