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Linaro announces enterprise group to boost ARM server offering

Not-for-profit organisation Linaro has announced the launch of a new entity called the Linaro Enterprise Group.

The body will aim to "accelerate the development of foundational software for ARM Server Linux," in a venture that will bring together competitors that all share the same ARM DNA.

The announcement came alongside news that existing Linaro members, such as ARM, Samsung and ST-Ericsson have been joined by fresh additions, namely AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Canonical, Cavium, Facebook, HP, Marvell and Red Hat.

"The significance of key industry players coming together like this to develop new aspects of the ecosystem is showing the transformational position the industry is now in," stated ARM CEO Warren East. "As power and energy become increasing costs to business, there continues to be a need to drive down costs and this means a total reinvention of the server space.

"There will be a range of server solutions based on ARM technology as the entire business community looks to reduce cost of ownership and achieve energy efficiency. Ultimately, it is the partnership approach which is vital to encourage innovation in this space and we are delighted to see LEG shares this vision. By changing the way we process data, the opportunity for a smarter, more connected future can be truly realised."

Ian Drew, ARM's VP of Strategy and Development, actually hinted at such a scheme when quizzed by a journalist during an open Q&A session at the launch of ARM's Cortex-A50 products, the first 64-bit processors from the UK-based company, in London a couple of days ago.

Yesterday's announcement is the third major enterprise-oriented one targeted towards the ARM ecosystem. Earlier this week, AMD announced that it will unveil Opteron server chips based on a then-unknown ARM architecture. The following day, ARM announced the Cortex-A53 and the Cortex-A57, its first two 64-bit processors.

It's interesting to note that none of the initial Microsoft licensees for Windows RT (Nvidia, Qualcomm andTexas Instruments) have joined Linaro or the LEG, which may be a tell-tale sign of potential disunity.

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