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Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s jumbo form-factor fails to perturb punters

Samsung has now shipped over three million units of its flagship smartphone the Galaxy Note 2, the company announced on Friday.

The huge 5.5in handset has reached the impressive milestone in just 37 days Samsung says, with the Note having spent barely a month in our UK stores.

Despite serving up Apple’s latest iteration of the ubiquitous iPhone, 2012 has perhaps been Samsung’s year in the smartphone industry, having already shipped 20 million Galaxy S3s. The critically-acclaimed S3 was released at the end of May this year, and in September was calculated to be selling at a rate of 200,000 units every single day.

The Galaxy Note 2’s early success also goes some way in showing how Samsung’s gamble on the large form-factor is paying off. The original Galaxy Note put off many reviewers simply by virtue of its 5.3in display that was deemed impractically big for a mobile phone. Was it trying to be a kind of phone/tablet hybrid? Such deliberations saw the birth of the crude ‘phablet’ moniker, which probably drove the sceptics even further away.

But sales success encouraged Samsung to launch an even bigger version with the second iteration, and a huge three million people are now on board with the firm’s Note philosophy. The new model’s high-resolution screen, powerful quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and super-modern Android Jelly Bean OS were always likely to prompt favourable reviews, but innovative features like the handwriting technology which converts stylus scribbles to actual text have particularly impressed.

ITProPortal gave the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a Best Buy award in our review of the product.