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What is the 11k Club?

Yesterday saw the launch of the mysterious 11k Club – but what is it?

A few weeks back I stumbled across a website that promised to be the most exclusive club on the Internet - The 11k Club. This new collective will comprise a group of 11,000 people that will assemble online but never in a physical location. A club without a clubhouse, or a club with a digital clubhouse if you prefer.

Mashable reported on the 11k Club back in September, noting that droves of Internet users were signing up just for the promise of exclusivity – it’s amazing what people will do to feel special!

Now an email has dropped in my inbox confirming that I’ve been selected to be a member of the club. So far there have been 13,627 registered applicants, so clearly not everyone will get in – no doubt there will be a digital bouncer saying “If you’re not on the list...”

The 11k Club says that it will choose the best group of people from the pool of applicants, and that those chosen would need to be “something more.” More than what? Who knows.

My initial application is now a blur, but the mission in hand now for those who have been selected around the world (fewer than the required 11,000 believe it or not) is to help young people find a job.

As you may be aware youth unemployment is higher than it has been for many years, so this effort to try and help at least one young person find a job is commendable. Of course it's not as easy as it sounds but I am lucky enough to be able to help - potentially.

I’ll be getting my next update 11 November and I have no idea what the next challenge will be. Check back in in a couple of weeks to find out.