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Wi-Fi issues continue to plague updated iOS 6

The update to iOS 6, released last week, seems to have failed to deal with connectivity problems.

Some customers who upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 have been reporting Wi-Fi issues, saying that the Wi-Fi option has been prone to "greying out" in the Settings application.

An online discussion concerning the glitch has been set up and so far consulted by 1,550 frustrated customers.

"I waited for iOS 6.0.1 to come out as I understood that this was supposed to fix the problem many users with iOS 6 have been facing with WiFi connections, but this has not worked," wrote one contributor. "I have rested the network settings, restored the phone and even tried using the phone as new and this has still not fixed the problem."

Apple has responded to the complaints by establishing a support page with suggestions of how to combat the flaw.

"If you encounter this issue, try the following steps and attempt to enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth after each one.

  1. Verify that Airplane Mode is off.
  2. Restart your iOS device
  3. Update your iOS device
  4. Reset Network Settings, by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  5. Restore your iOS device in iTunes.

If you are still unable to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off after attempting these steps, contact Apple or your wireless carrier for additional assistance."

This, however, has not stopped alternative solutions from popping up and circulating. One user has recommended cooling the device in a freezer for a short period of time.

Another backed the idea, adding, "This makes me think that this is a heat issue. Perhaps iOS 6 is causing some type of error in terms of temperature monitoring and the wifi is disabling itself to save it from a heat failure."