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Evernote and Mysms partner for cloud-based text message storage solution

Ever needed to immediately access important information stored only in your phone's SMS inbox? Or just wanted to relive that hysterical message your friend texted two years ago to your now-defunct device? A new partnership aims to solve that inaccessibility problem.

Mysms, a cloud-based SMS communications company, and note-taking service Evernote announced a new joint system to archive text and multimedia messages directly to the cloud.

"If the phone gets a message, you'll see it on your PC," Evernote said. "Or say you just want to use a big laptop or desktop keyboard to compose messages. Mysms is the tool for you."

But even handier, recent Evernote integration now means that texts can be automatically archived to a user's virtual notebook directly from their phone; messages can be easily accessed via any mobile device or from the web. Even a year-old text, seemingly lost among thousands of others, can be pulled from the stacks.

Mysms CEO Martin Pansy called the new partnership "a real win for anyone who has ever tried to find an old text with an address, a name or a phone number and realised it was on their old phone or is one of thousands of messages on their existing device."

Being able to reply to a text is a long-overdue utility, Rafe Needleman, platform advocate for Evernote, said in a statement.

Using an open API, Mysms works with third-party services — now including Evernote — to create unique SMS communication features.

"We are very excited to see Evernote functionality as an integral part of Mysms," Needleman said. "And we know our current and new users will be very excited to add SMS as one more searchable data type within their Evernote notebook."

The app is currently available for free download on Android and iOS devices, as well as Mac and Windows, the Facebook app, Google Chrome, and the HTML5 app. A Windows Phone 7 option is currently available in beta form.