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Sony 500GB Freeview+ HD TV recorder down to £120

Head over to Sony’s official UK store outlet to catch a glimpse of the SVRHDT500B, the company’s 500GB Freeview+ HD personal video recorder, which is on sale for only £120. This model is a refurbished one but comes with a one-year warranty and a 52 per cent discount.

The device comes with a 500GB capacity (enough for around 300 hours) as well as the ability to back up content to an external storage device (like an hard drive), two Freeview HD tuners, Series link, an 8-day EPG, two USB ports, BRAVIA Sync (compatible with other Sony devices), one HDMI port, Picture in Picture ability, and what the company calls a monolithic design.

A 1TB version of this recorder is also available for £69 extra. Most television sets now come with a USB port, which allows for content to be recorded to an external drive. However, unless you want to record something you’re watching live, a single-tuner is not enough to make the most of a PVR.

Competitors include the Humax HDR-FOX T2 500 and the Philips HDT8250, which cost nearly twice as much, and the TVonics DTR-Z500HD, which can be had roughly the same price.

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