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Microsoft to open £62 million tech centre in Brazil

Microsoft is set to invest $100 million (£62 million) in a technology centre based in Rio de Janeiro, according to Agencia Estado.

After a year of negotiations with Brazilian authorities, the software giant will build a new research and development centre in the city's Port Zone, known as "Porto Maravilha". The area is in the process of regeneration and while it will receive support from the local government, Microsoft is expected to foot the full bill of the new centre.

The centre in Rio will be the fourth of its kind, following the opening of similar bases in Germany, Israel and Egypt. Microsoft is the latest company to join the growing list of tech companies investing Brazil. The likes of Lenovo, Foxconn and Cisco are all considering projects in the region, with IBM and GE having already set up research centres there.

In September 2011, Microsoft announced that it would start manufacturing Xbox 360 in Brazil to cater to local demand. Earlier this year, the software giant pledged $5 million (£3 million) for a Sao Paulo research and development hub.

Image: Flickr (bfishadow)