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Virgin Media releases new mobile and PC app

Virgin has today launched a new online streaming service and mobile app for its subscribers called Virgin TV Anywhere. The new service gives users access to its packaged channels, offering the ability to stream content onto their computer or mobile device via a Wi-Fi connection.

Virgin TV Anywhere permits the streaming of 45 channels (dependent on cable package) when accessing the online portal on your computer. The number of accessible channels reduces to 30 when using a phone or tablet.

The mobile app also boasts a feature that transforms the device in use into a remote for your television, giving the user a full range of controls.

"Virgin TV Anywhere builds upon our fantastic TV service, blending in the best of TiVo and our expertise in broadband and mobile, to bring customers a compelling entertainment experience to enjoy whenever they want, wherever they are – all at no extra cost,” said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment.

The app is free to Virgin TiVo subscribers and is available in the App Store, with an Android version set for release in 2013.