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Google's new Jam with Chrome experiment taps into your inner rock star

Several of Google's interactive music doodles - from Les Paul to Bob Moog - have allowed web users to tap into their inner rock star, or perhaps just procrastinate for a bit at work. Now, Google has launched a much more comprehensive online music-playing feature known as Jam with Chrome.

The HTML5-based website lets Chrome users virtually pick up one of 19 instruments and jam out via the browser. Get the band back together online by inviting up to three friends to play along.

"Jam with Chrome is an interactive web application that enables friends in different locations to play music together in the Chrome browser on their computers," Google said in a blog post. "No matter what your level of talent — from daydreaming air guitarist to music pro — you can Jam together in real time over the web."

Users can choose between three bass guitars, four electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, five drum sets, and five keyboard options. "Once you get playing, you can switch instruments as often and as many times as you like," Google said.

In "easy mode," users can experiment by themselves, plucking the guitar strings, banging on the drums, or tinkering with the keyboard. For a more sophisticated sound, four autoplay functions "let the machines do the work," Google said. Pro mode, meanwhile, lets users control instruments using the keyboard.

To play with others, click the "invite a friend" link at the bottom of the screen. Email specific friends with a link to "your jam" or invite people via Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.

Google said Jam with Chrome is an experiment that taps into modern Web technologies like HTML5, as well as the Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas, CSS3, Google web fonts, Google's cloud platform, Google app engine, and the Go programming language. More details on how Jam with Chrome was developed are available at