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Steganos unleashes OkayFreedom for uncensored web surfing

Berlin-based Steganos Software has announced the wider availability of its OkayFreedom VPN service, allowing users to break through censorship and privately view web content wherever they are in the world.

As well as disguising your IP address to enable the browsing of sites restricted in certain countries, OkayFreedom’s VPN technology protects your online activity from being viewed by third parties via its network of encrypted servers. Users can therefore connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, coffee shops and other venues without having to worry about intrusion and their security being compromised.

ITProPortal this week met Steganos managing director Gabriel Yoran, who founded the company in 1996 at the age of just 17. Yoran highlighted how protecting Internet freedom and civil liberties online were at the heart of the company’s philosophy, but that products like OkayFreedom were serving a very practical purpose for people all over the world – whether or not they were under web restrictions.

With out of office workers now wanting Internet access wherever they can get it, connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots on the move is becoming increasingly popular. But with public Wi-Fi zones often completely unprotected and leaving us exposed to threats, Yoran says an OkayFreedom VPN connection gives the user privacy to securely conduct their work regardless of the location. In the age of BYOD and increased mobility, professionals want this peace of mind when handling sensitive data outside the workplace, he says.

Referencing UK users, Yoran says the ability to access programmes on BBC iPlayer and watch live sport on domestic channels’ web pages is another key selling point of the VPN service, with serving members of the armed forces and other expatriates being able to enjoy entertainment they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. Moreover, countries cited for imposing severe Internet restrictions, such as Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and China play host to a significant number of British citizens, providing a growing user base for OkayFreedom and similar products.

Steganos’ OkayFreedom software is available for download as a free model, giving users 500MB data per month with an additional 100MB for every recommendation to another individual – which runs up to five people. OkayFreedom’s premium version provides 5GB of traffic per month at a £4.95 rolling subscription or £49.95 for the year, while unlimited surfing can be had for £9.95 per month or £59.95 for the year.