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Kim Dotcom finalises new Mega domain name

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has used Twitter to announce (opens in new tab)the domain name for his latest file sharing venture, dubbed Mega. The new site,, will replace the now defunct, which was barred by West African nation and host territory Gabon last week. (opens in new tab)

The domain was introduced on social media with the slogan “powered by legality and protected by the law,” which likely refers to the various difficulties faced by both Kim Dotcom's new online service and its predecessor.

Mega has been met with opposition from the US Department of Justice since its birth, with American prosecutors arguing that the site would constitute a wilful breach of Dotcom’s bail conditions. (opens in new tab) Dotcom’s legal team have vigorously denied these allegations, calling them “ignorant” and based on “absolute speculation.”

The new domain suffix places the site under the jurisdiction of Dotcom's current safe-haven, New Zealand.

The besieged web entrepreneur has become increasingly enamoured with the Pacific island nation, with Dotcom reportedly outlining future plans to provide New Zealand with free broadband access (opens in new tab), an endeavour that he hopes to fund with proceeds from his new site and damages gained from lawsuits against the US Government, Hollywood companies, and other parties he holds responsible for the "unlawful and political destruction of my business."

Mega is thought to open for business in January 2013.