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Nintendo announces limited edition Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL

Iconic Japanese console manufacturer Nintendo has announced that its 3DS XL portable gaming device is getting two new flavours in time for Christmas.

The first model to be released will be a relatively simple white colour refresh, which will come pre-loaded with either Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7. These bundles are set to be made available on 16 November and 30 November, respectively – the latter arriving the same day as the Wii U. Pricing is set at £199.99, according to GAME, who has listed the upcoming entertainment packages for pre–order.

Nintendo's second new 3DS XL variant is more intriguing still - it's a yellow Pikachu themed console and the first limited edition model to be make it over to the UK. The Pokémon specials are a big deal in Japan, apparently, with the Charizard system in particular proving so popular that pre-order rights had to be determined by lottery.

The yellow Pikachu 3DS XL doesn't come bundled with any software, but will retail for £179.99 - just £10 more than a basic device. Set to be made available on 7 December, the limited edition model is also currently available to reserve via GAME.

The Nintendo 3DS XL, which was originally released in the UK back in July, is a 156 x 93 x 22mm entertainment platform that weighs 339g and features an expanded top screen of 4.88in (vs 3.58in on the original 3DS) and a bottom display of 4.18in (up from 3.02in on the older console).

Gamers, Pokémon fans, and collectors interested in the new products are reminded that Nintendo does not package an AC power adapter into its 3DS XL bundles - the charging essential must be purchased separately.