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Comet liquidation sale sees price increase

Comet’s current pricing policy has reportedly been met with disapproval from its customers. According to the Sun, the electronics retailer has increased the price of certain goods at the beginning of its liquidation sale.

One customer complained that the price of a 3D TV increased from £1,349 to £1,400, right as the ailing chain launched its 10 per cent sale.

Deloitte, the vendor's current administrator, has attributed the higher prices to the products' manufacturers.

"There were some instances where manufacturers withdrew special offers/discounts - which were being funded by the manufacturers themselves - after Comet fell into administration," said Deloitte in a statement to PC Retail.

The administrator also went on to refute claims that it plans to close any of the remaining 236 Comet stores, or inflict further redundancies on its workforce.