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PS3 hackers to be given lifetime PSN ban

PlayStation 3 manufacturer Sony will permanently ban individuals caught using pirated or unauthorised software. The warning was made via a statement posted on the official PlayStation website and serves as a countermeasure to a previously reported security hack.

Sony states that the use of any “unauthorised software” such as pirated games would constitute a “violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 system”. This invalidates the console owner’s right to use the system and as a consequence will lead to the permanent termination of access to online services PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network.

The dispensation of bans will not commence immediately however, as the console developer will allow current custom firmware users a grace period to meet with the system regulations.

"To avoid permanent termination, consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems," read Sony’s statement.

The level to which this threat can be reinforced is in question as the gaming platform’s software is now completely open to manipulation due to the lv0 keys being leaked. As such, the manufacture of counterfeit ID’s for the PSN may soon become another security concern.