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Departments begin to move services to has received its first set of government departments, as the Department for Transport and the Department for Communities and Local Government have moved their homepages onto the new host site.

The new online portal currently has the corporate and policy information for the DfT, DCLG and their affiliated services – the Buildings Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC), the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the Planning Inspectorate.

The migration of services to a single domain is part of the Government's 'digital strategy', that will see all departmental information published under over the next 18 months. It is estimated that the move will result in annualised savings of £50 million as the streamlining of government digital functions should lead to greater operational efficiency.

"It will become much easier for civil servants to understand the wider context when they are developing and implementing policy and for the public to access the information they need," said Cabinet Minister, Jeremy Heywood.

He also discussed how the new site can aid in transparency, as he hopes the simple layout will motivate people to keep up to date with government policy.

"So this is also fundamentally about giving us new opportunities to work with people outside Whitehall – academics, business, experts, and the public – to develop policy in a more open, informed and collaborative way," he added.

"By making it much clearer to people what we are doing, when and how, I hope we will be able to provide a clearer, more open basis for us to work with others who have expertise and insights to offer."