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Sinofsky denies he tried to take over Windows Phone division

Former chief of Windows Steven Sinofsky has shed some light on his shock departure from Microsoft this week, shortly after the release of Windows 8 and the Windows Surface RT.

There has been much speculation on whether he chose to leave or was pushed out, with the most popular conclusion being that a clash of personalities between Sinofsky and CEO Steve Ballmer resulted in the parting.

However, in a blog post by Hal Berenson, a distinguished former Microsoft engineer, Sinofsky has replied in the comments section to Berenson claims that the departed boss had lost recent attempts to control Windows Phone and Microsoft's developer division.

"I never initiated any discussions to bring together the organizations/products you describe. No one ever approached me to manage them as part of Windows 7 or 8," says Sinofsky

Sinofsky goes on to say that he shied away from taking control of products, preferring a "cross-group way to achieve the goal". "Very few things moved into teams I managed," he says before revealing he feels it's "far better to collaborate with the org in place and avoid the disruption."

According to The Verge, lack of collaboration was a key reason behind Sinofsky's departure with anonymous sources claiming that he would often attempt to protect Windows against certain changes and avoid sharing insight into the Windows division with rival executives.

Sinofsky remained adamant that his abrupt leaving after 23 years with the corporation was his own decision, saying in am email to Microsoft staff that it was for "personal and private" reasons.

"Some might notice a bit of chatter speculating about this decision or timing. I can assure you that none could be true as this was a personal and private choice that in no way reflects any speculation or theories one might read about me, new opportunities, the company or its leadership," he said.

Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Ballmer kept his staff memo announcing Sinofsky departure succinct and to the point, introducing Julie Larson-Green and Tami Reller as replacement according to CNET.

"As we enter this new era, and with the successful launch of Windows 8 and Surface behind us, Steven Sinofsky has decided to leave the company," Ballmer says.

"Steven joined Microsoft in 1989 as a software development engineer and has contributed to the company in many ways. I am grateful for the work that Steven has delivered in his time at our company," he adds.

Image Credit: Flickr (BUILDWindows)