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4TB external hard drive price crunched to £150

The average price of hard disk drives has now fallen down to their pre-flooding levels even for top of the range, high capacity models like the Hitachi Touro Desk Pro, an external hard disk drive with a 4TB capacity.

The device which is on sale at Ebuyer for £150 has an unformatted per GB price of 3.75p, one of the cheapest on the market. The design of the Touro Desk Pro makes it easily stackable and comes with measly 3GB of cloud storage which can be upgraded to 250GB on demand with remote access provided with iPhone and iPad apps.

The internal hard drive is a 7200RPM model, a single 4TB drive rather than two 2TB models as some rivals do, possibly using four platters and the interface used is USB 3.0.

The drive comes preloaded with local and cloud backup storage, allowing files to be downloadable even from web browsers. Note that this drive comes with two years warranty.

Alternatively Ebuyer is also selling the Buffalo 2TB external hard disk drive for just under £74, which lowers the per GB price and allows customers to set up a redundant array of disks using two of them in RAID-1 mode.

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