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Flipboard adds iBooks content to iOS app

Flipboard has teamed up with Apple to add iBooks content to the newsreader's iOS app.

Flipboard's new Books category features 25 sections that pull from the most popular books on Apple's iBookstore - from Arts & Entertainment to Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

"Reflecting as many genres as there are sections, it's like browsing in a bookstore, right from your Flipboard," Flipboard announced.

On the iPhone, the Flipboard app does not require an update to access Books. When first firing up the app, just swipe down on the red ribbon on the top right-hand corner and tap the Books section. The most prominent section is Bestsellers, which will let you flip through the most popular books on iBooks.

However, you can also drill down by one of the 25 sections. If you find an interesting book, tap on it for more information and purchase it via the "Download on the iBookstore" link.

The new Books category is available on iOS devices in a number of countries, including the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, and Brazil. "Tap the red ribbon and scroll down to the country selector in 'This Week' to explore books popular in any of these countries," continued Flipboard.

Back in June, Flipboard inked a deal with the New York Times that allows subscribers to access the paper's premium content directly through the Flipboard app on the iPad or iPhone.

Flipboard made its debut on the iPad in 2010, and came to the iPhone late last year, quickly logging one million downloads. It arrived on Android in May.