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Google Blogger updated for iOS and Android

Google on Wednesday released updated versions of its free Blogger apps, adding support for the iPad and other improvements, that should make it easier to blog on the go.

"Inspiration for a new post can happen at any place and time: on the couch, while shopping, at a game, or in the kitchen. Fortunately, mobile devices enable you to stay connected wherever you are," a post on Google's Blogger Buzz blog reads. "With that in mind, we just launched updated apps for both Android and iOS."

Most notably, the updated Blogger app for iOS devices includes iPad support. The latest version also lets you compose posts in landscape mode, share posts on Google+, and view a scheduled post time. There's also support for more than 30 languages.

The Blogger app lets you compose posts and save them as a drafts or immediately publish them to your blog. When composing a post, you can embed images from the gallery on your phone or tablet, or snap a photo directly from the app.

The app also lets you add labels and location information to your posts. You can view a list of saved and published posts, and switch between blogging accounts if you have more than one.

Google last summer rolled out a redesign of the Internet-based version of Blogger. The update added a rich text editor, new template designer, integrated analytics access, and the ability to enable a mobile version of your blog.