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Some Nexus 4 deliveries to be delayed by 3 weeks

Google's Nexus 4-related woes continue as some deliveries for orders made via the Play store will suffer a three-week delay, it has been revealed.

The Internet giant informed affected customers of their fates in an email attributing the shipping issues to "overwhelming demand", which has forced it to place some orders of the LG-made handset on backorder.

The LG Nexus 4 went on sale earlier this week on the Play store and sold out within 30 minutes of going live. Orders where initially set to be fulfilled within three days, with some lucky customers already having received their deliveries.

The Play store is not the only retail outlet for the handset, as O2 is also selling the Nexus 4 but at a markup of £120. eBay is also providing an alternative but much like O2 perspective buyers will be required to submit to inflated prices as some sellers are placing $1000 (£760) tag on the smartphone.

Google's Nexus 10 tablet, which was launched alongside the Nexus 4, also sold out shortly after becoming available on the Google Play store.