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Sony Playstation 3 500GB Super Slim down to £190

If you are after a new gaming console to replace your existing one, then check out the recently-released Sony Playstation 3 which is on sale at Broadbandbuyer for only £190 and comes with a free copy of The Amazing Spiderman movie.

That’s around £60 less than the suggested retail price and by far the cheapest price we’ve seen for the device which was launched on 28 September.

The game console has been redesigned. It keeps its Blu-ray player (albeit with a top-loading sliding disk cover) and reduces its size by a quarter compared to the existing slim model

It also fits in a 500GB hard disk drive while keeping the same features that made the previous PS3 consoles a hit with gamers like the wireless Dualshock 3 controller, access to PlayStation Network, HDMI, Wi-Fi and more.

Sony has chosen to launch another iteration of its award-winning gaming console (possibly the last) one, in order to cut down on its bill of materials, increasing its profit margins and improving overall reliability.

Many observers are expecting the follow up to the Playstation 3, tentatively called the Playstation 4, to be launched next year.