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Today's Tech: Google Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Ofcom talks 5G, and Samsung's 'bendy' smartphone

Ofcom today announced plans to expand the current mobile spectrum, that will be dubbed 5G, to deal with the looming "capacity crunch" caused by the enormous surge in mobile data usage over recent years. Even though, Britain saw its first 4G service launch last month promising superfast mobile internet, Ofcom CEO Ed Richards says it will not be enough future data demands that are estimated to be 80 times higher by 2013.

Meanwhile, mobile network Three is seriously considering ditching the launch of 4G altogether, after recording an impressive set of 2012 sales figures. The mobile operator has gained 1.04 million new subscribers this year alone, and attracted 300,000 of those during the last three months. The network currently has a portion of the 1800MHz 4G spectrum in reserve, but feels that the effects of 4G are being exaggerated. Three might choose to completely ignore 4G, in favour of DC-HSPA, a 3G upgrade, which could deliver data speeds of 20Mb. This enhanced version of 3G already covers 50 UK towns (compared to 4G's 10) and is expected to provide coverage to 80 per cent of the UK by April 2013.

One of the newest releases in the smartphone arena is the Google Nexus 4; manufactured by LG and designed to take on the big boys. So we put its spec sheet against, quite literally, one of the big boys in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to see how worthy a challenger Google's new device is. The Nexus 4 is almost half the price of the 5.5in Note 2, but does Samsung's beastly model justify such a higher price tag? We think not, and you could well be on to a real handset bargain with the Nexus 4. Follow the link to see what made us come to this conclusion as the phones go head-to-head.

A new Samsung rumour has begun to make the rounds. Word in the tech world is that the Korean goliath is getting ready to launch the world's first flexible smartphone. Undisclosed sources "familiar to the situation" have tipped the prospective launch date for the first half of 2013. The new bendy handset will hopefully set Samsung apart from its competition but with Sony, LG and even Apple making inroads into ductile display development, the UPS of this new mobile leap may prove short-lived.