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Cheapest iPhone 5 contract in the UK down to £39 per month

The Apple iPhone 5 smartphone is now available from Carphone Warehouse on O2 for as little as £39 per month on a two year contract. That’s a total cost of ownership of £936, compared to the price of the phone SIM-free, which stands at £529 (for the 16GB version).

The plan includes unlimited texts, 900 minutes and 100MB of data. For an additional £2 per month (that’s a total of £41 per month), you can get an upgrade to unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data - an exclusive O2 deal not available instore.

Alternatively, Vodafone is proposing a deal with unlimited texts and minutes, 1GB of data and 2GB Wi-Fi data allowance via BT Openzone, for £37 per month. There will be an upfront fee of £49, which brings the total cost of ownership to £937, just £1 more than that of the £39 O2 deal.

The Apple iPhone 5 was launched back in September 2012 and has been Apple’s most successful iPhone device to date. It still packs a dual core system-on-chip although it looks like it is based on a Cortex-A15.

The screen display has been enlarged to 4in and the onscreen resolution boosted to 1136 x 640. Check out our review of the iPhone 5 and how it compares to the Samsung Galaxy S3.