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Windows Phone 8 users report random reboots and low battery life

Users of some of the Windows Phone 8 handsets launched just last month are reporting problems with rebooting and battery life.

In a forum on Windows Phone Central, nearly 150 comments have been left detailing a variety of problems across HTC and Nokia handsets. Many users reported that the HTC 8X handset would reboot randomly while in use.

"So far, within 3 days of use, I have had 2 random reboots. Device just suddenly reboots itself, ending in PIN screen. Quite annoying," said one poster on the forum.

Another highlighted issue involved Nokia Lumia 920 users, who also complained of random reboots as well as freezes and poor battery life. Some users hoping that a factory reset would remedy the problems have had their devices "bricked", leaving it frozen on a Nokia splash screen.

"I thought I'd hard reset my phone and start from scratch to see if I could get better battery life. Now it is stuck on the Nokia splash screen," posted Brian McBride, a WPCentral user.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled a raft of Windows Phone 8 handsets running its new mobile operating system. It also launched its first foray in to the tablet market - the Surface with Windows RT.