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EE reveals SIM-only tariffs from £21

EE, the UK's sole LTE mobile provider (opens in new tab), has discreetly unveiled its 12 month SIM-only tariff offerings. The packages will afford 4G handset owners the ability to use the new "superfast" network (opens in new tab)without having to sign on for a pricey 24 month, handset-inclusive contract

The shorter deals were set to go live a fortnight ago, but had to be delayed due to testing not being completed.

"The launch of SIM only plans [due 9 November] will be delayed by a few days as a result of our comprehensive testing process over-running slightly," read a statement from EE at the time.

The new SIM-only pricing works out to be £15 cheaper per month than the equivalent two-year bundles, resulting in an annual savings of £180.

The new tariffs all come with unlimited calls and texts, and start at a monthly rate of £21 for 500MB of data, £26 for 1GB, £31 for 3GB and £36 for 5GB. There 8GB option, with the maximum data allowance remaining tied to 24 month contracts.

"We're really pleased to announce our superfast 4GEE SIM-only plans (opens in new tab) have launched today for customers," said an EE spokesperson.

"They are available initially to buy online or over the phone through our customer services team. They will also soon be available in store and we'll confirm a start date very shortly."