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Freelancer acquires Vworker, targets Elance, oDesk and Guru has announced that it has acquired, formerly known as Rentacoder, to strengthen its number one position in the competitive world of online job outsourcing marketplace.

vWorker was the fourth largest freelance marketplace in the world and the second largest by number of users. The new now brings together a whopping 6.6 million freelancers worldwide across 600 skill categories and with a historical database of four million projects.

The acquisition means that the online freelancing market is now a deeply polarized one with competing with, and ODesk.

The exact details of the acquisition haven’t been divulged but Techcrunch says that it is worth “millions of dollars”.

It is interesting to note that, which was previously known as, is an amalgamation of a number of websites including Scriptlance,, EUFreelance and

It looks therefore as if the market is going through a round of consolidations, a maturation step that has been described by some vWorker customers as being a “nightmare” because no prior warning was given.

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