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Google prepping open source Apple AirPlay rival

Google is set to expand on its existing technologies to create an open platform wireless streaming service to rival Apple's AirPlay.

In an interview with Gigaom, Google product manager Timbo Drayson outlined the company's plans to develop an alternative to Apple's proprietary wireless media suite that allows for content sharing across a wide range of third-party devices.

The recently upgraded Android version of the YouTube app - which allows users to transfer content from a mobile device to Google TV - is being heralded as a strong step towards the aforementioned goal.

The application also allows enabled devices to adopt remote control functionality - another key component to Google's future plans for a wireless service, as a central control would give the user a single interface by which they could operate multiple devices with ease.

In addition, the search leader appears to be looking to learn from past mistakes, as it hopes to incorporate features from the troubled Nexus Q in to its forthcoming AirPlay competitor. The Android-powered media platform allowed for auto-discovery of enabled hardware – much like AirPlay, which facilitates instant syncing of content between Apple TV and mobile devices like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

The key difference is that the proposed Google service will offer universal connectivity to third party hardware, a relationship that will allow for a more genuine two-way exchange of information.

Drayson believes that such a facility would give developers the ability to "build second-screen experiences that correspond to what's happening on live TV" – similar to the functionality found in Microsoft SmartGlass and the relationship between Apple products, but for a wider range of devices.

"The more companies participated in these efforts, the better," said Drayson. "We really want to move the whole industry forward."