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Sony begins rollout of PlayStation Mobile Developer program

Electronics and entertainment giant Sony has initiated its PlayStation Mobile (PSM) developer program by announcing the public availability of system development kits (SDK) in nine countries, as well as access to an online Dev Portal.

The program has been in beta since April and is now accessible to the UK, Japan, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia. An additional phased rollout will eventually bring the service to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries.

PSM - which is Sony's equivalent to Google's Play Store - runs on certified Android devices. It is hoped that this will result in an increase of content as more developers can create applications for the online store.

"Get ready to see this library expand in the coming months, because today we are happy to announce the launch of the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program," said the Sarah Thompson, PlayStation Mobile's senior manager.

"It provides an enhanced and open environment for content developers to create and release their content on PlayStation Mobile. The Dev Portal provides everything a developer needs to start working on PlayStation Mobile."

An increase in PSM apps will also be a boon to Sony's dedicated gaming platforms, specifically the PS Vita which has been criticised for its limited amount of content.

It will cost a potential developer an annual fee of 7,980 yen (£62 – regional pricing is not yet available) to download an SDK license.